Saturday, October 24, 2015

Linking Social Media Accounts to Flipboard and Using Instagram in Flipboard


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  3. Those I really liked are Flares, Digg Digg. They are quite light weight plugins that means that they won't really influence your loading times.

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  4. The key is that you are creating trackable goals. You can not expect to reach a target if you don't know where it is, right?

    Oh, and do not worry about needing to sign up for some pricey data analysis instrument. Pinterest Analytics is built right in, so tracking metrics ought to be entirely painless.
    Step 2: Design your own profile

    Creating a profile to Your Company on Pinterest may seem a bit Visually different from other social networking platforms, but it is probably one of the easiest profiles to make.

    Pinterest goes as far as to say you could make an account at 15 seconds.

    Seriously, it is that easy.
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